May 31, 2020 is the Feast of Pentecost. In order to help all of us prepare for the third highest holy day in our calendar we have put together some resources you can use with your family, with some friends, or even alone. Do as much as you like! Send in photos of your finished product for us to share on our website! The bold typed words contain links to other pages.

There are three points of focus:

1.) to be challenged to live by the Spirit throughout the rest of the Easter Season into Ordinary Time in our ordinary lives

2.) to celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit in community with one another

3.) to strengthen our ability to see the Fruits of the Holy Spirit come alive in our lives, in our community, and in the world

To get started, here is a supply list.

Here is a list of links to YouTube for some Holy Spirit music videos.

FIRST watch this PowerPoint presentation on Penetcost here.

Watch this video by Father Jim here about the Holy Spirit and Penetcost.

Here is a list of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Here is a list of Fruits if the Holy Spirit.

Here is a reflection on the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit BINGO anyone?

Bishop Barron speaks about the Holy Spirit on his Word on Fire Show.