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Creation is the name Catholics give to the way we see the entirety of the natural world. Not only do Catholics embrace the beauty of the natural world and its discoveries by human exploration and scientific research with awe and wonder; we also apprehend an invisible presence of God who continually calls the natural world into existence and sustains it.

Our knowledge tells us that we are part of the cosmos because we are constructed out of the same elements that our planet is fashioned and that these elements were synthesized by the reactions in the sun and other stars. We are made of matter that was made billions of years ago. Our Catholic viewing of the cosmos as creation enlightens us to a greater existence we have in God through the connectedness we have to the entire natural world.

It is in creation that we participate in the perceived purpose of nature to give God praise that moves us toward an ultimate rest when all subjugation is diminished. It is in creation that God establishes a relationship first with all of nature and then with humans in particular that expresses a way of life that brings about a faithful fulfillment. It is in creation that God’s love is shown to us. It is creation that God’s love recreates so humanity may live in the relationship God intends because we are unable to do so alone.

Creation, then, is more than a synonym for nature – much more. Because creation is more than the natural world for us, Catholics see our care for creation as more than an environmental or ecological task. Our care for creation is a participation in a partnership of God’s initiative and creative activities. The Care for Creation Ministry in Prince of Peace Parish plans to foster our relationship with God by fostering our relationship with creation.

The moon casts its shadow upon the Earth. This is what the total eclipse of the sun over the United States looked like last summer from the International Space Station orbiting 250 miles above the Earth. To some, it just an awesome view. To a Catholic Christian it is also an indication of the ongoing creativity of God.

Image Credit: NASA