Catechists & Volunteers


Essential to the success of the Religious Education program is having a dedicated group of adult and young adult volunteers willing to help and nurture our faith with our youth. Participants have the opportunity for additional and on-going training and education through the Archdiocese.

The Prince of Peace Religious Education Program seeks to provide to all parishioners the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for their ongoing conversion to Jesus Christ and the Gospel in order to bring about full participation in the life of the Catholic Church. In nurturing all age groups we will foster community among the children, families and the parish community, encouraging all to be good stewards of the gifts God has given them, using these gifts to proclaim, celebrate and serve the Kingdom of God.

The Church names four purpose of catechesis for which it’s catechists have a role:

  • To teach the message – the catechist as Storyteller.
  • To build a faith community – the catechist as Teacher-Companion.
  • To lead to prayer and worship – the catechist as Leader of Prayer.
  • To call to serve – the catechist as Witness for Justice.

Prince of Peace Parish seeks persons of mature Christian faith who enjoy working with youth from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, who model exemplary Christian lives, and can express their faith to others.


New Volunteers
Volunteer adults who have regular contact with children and vulnerable adults must have a background check and attend training in the program Protecting God’s Children.

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