Confirmation Preparation

The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated in the Fall of 10th Grade at Prince of Peace Parish. Youth in the Confirmation Program participate in 12 classes scheduled every 2-3 weeks to prepare them for the sacrament. In addition to regular classes the students are expected to participate in field trips, social events, and community service as listed on their schedules. Each candidate for Confirmation must do 20 hours of Community Service. Parents and Sponsors are expected to assist in the sacramental preparation of their children and to attend the Parent/Student Orientation/Workshops.

Class Times
Days and times of classes to be announced.

Class Attendance
Perfect attendance in the bi-monthly Confirmation process is expected. This demonstrates that you have the maturity required to participate in the program. Candidates must also attend parent/teen workshops, any special programs and liturgical celebrations, all of which are on the calendar that will be provided to you. If there is a family emergency and you are not able to attend class, your parents should call the office at 203-263-2008.

Attendance at Liturgy
Since the family of God gathers together as a parish community at the weekly liturgy, candidates are expected to attend weekly liturgy. Be sure to greet Father Jim as you leave Mass each week. Frequent reception of Holy Eucharist and reception of the sacrament of Reconciliation are encouraged.

Class Materials
Each student has been previously given a Bible and will be given a Decision Point Workbook. 

Stewardship and Service
Candidates are required to complete 15-20 hours of well-rounded community service. You will have many opportunities to participate in parish service projects. The parish Confirmation preparation process attempts to provide opportunities of experiences which will help you uncover and respond to basic human needs, while demonstrating Jesus' understanding of, and response to, humans in need. Find the Community Service Guidelines and Forms here.

Confirmation Retreat
Each year, our Confirmation candidates must participate in our Confirmation retreat. This retreat is an excellent opportunity for you to grow deeper in faith and learn more about yourself and your relationship with God and your peers. Due to the amount of preparation and manpower required to facilitate the retreat, there is no substitute activity to fulfill this requirement. We have given you ample advance notice so that families can make appropriate arrangements for their teen to be available for this retreat. While we recognize there are other activities and pressures that teens are involved with over the course of the school year, teens must make priorities in their lives for this retreat. 

Confirmation Name
As a candidate is initiated into the Church, he or she takes a saint's name. It should be one which is in accord with the Christian spirit. Many people choose an additional name at Confirmation.  The preferred name, however, is the baptismal name because it expresses the relationship that exists between Baptism and Confirmation. If the baptismal name is not that of a recognized saint, a new name should be chosen for Confirmation; however, it should be the name of a recognized saint of the Catholic Church.  Names of saints are chosen to serve as patrons and models for those being confirmed. Candidates should choose a patron saint's name, not because of the attractiveness of the name, but because of the attractiveness of the Christian life that the person left.  The Choosing of a Christian Name Form is expected to be handed in at the Confirmation Interview with Father Jim.

Confirmation Interview
Confirmation Interviews are held with the Pastor at the end of the Confirmation process to assess the needs and readiness of the Confirmation candidates for the sacrament. This is an opportunity for our pastor to meet with our Confirmation candidates and ensure that our Confirmation process is meeting the needs of our candidates. It is also a great opportunity for candidates to ask specific information about our faith they may have questions or need clarification about. 
These interviews will be held in May and June and we will begin to schedule for these interviews in late winter.

Pastoral Guidelines For Parents
(Archdiocesan Office) - The initiation of children into the sacramental life is for the most part the responsibility and concern of Christian parents. They are to form and gradually increase a spirit of faith in the children and, with the help of catechetical institutions, prepare them for the fruitful reception of the sacraments of Confirmation and the Eucharist. Where the faith of the parents is manifestly weak, the sacrament preparation for their children provides a teachable moment for spiritual renewal. However, the event should be viewed as an occasion for affirmation and hope, not challenge and confrontation. Many  handouts are included in the Orientation packet for you in order for you to actively participate in the preparation for the Sacrament:

Choosing A Sponsor
A sponsor should be chosen in the beginning of your freshman year so they can walk through your faith journey with you. A sponsor should be:

  • A practicing, faith-filled Roman Catholic adult who is confirmed.
  • Someone you feel free to talk with about a variety of topics, especially religion.
  • Willing to participate in the Confirmation process; willing to pray for the candidate.
  • A man or woman you respect and look up to.
  • Willing to share his or her experience of faith.

Consider especially:

  • Either of your godparents
  • An aunt or uncle
  • A neighbor
  • A former religion teacher
  • A teacher at school
  • An active member of your parish
  • An adult mentor

Sorry, parents may not be sponsors.

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