Liturgical Ministries

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Trained parishioners who assist with the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass, to the home bound and to parishioners in convalescent homes. The essence of the role of Eucharistic Minister is to draw faith from the people.  One bishops describes it as, “It is a sharing in the teaching and leading aspects of the church.”

Commitment:  Ministers are trained int he parish and commissioned by the pastor.  Scheduling varies between daily and weekend Masses and availability to bring the Eucharist to the homebound.

Rewards:  The minister and the communicant share a deep faith that “Christ is present in the bread and wine, in the presence of the other, in the living out of the Christian life—the work of our hands that the gifts themselves represent.”  The minister and the communicant strengthen and nourish one another in their exchange.

Adult Altar Servers for Funerals
Men and women who set up for funerals and who assist the Priest at funerals.

Rewards:  The opportunity to participate at a funeral liturgy in a special way to assist those who are grieving an enable the priest to concentrate on presiding at the service.

 Liturgy of the Word for Children
Prince of Peace Parish celebrates the Liturgy of the Word for Children during the 11:30 a.m. Mass from mid-September to the beginning of June. Liturgy of the Word for Children enables Pre-K students through fourth graders to hear and discuss the Sunday readings on their own developmental levels.  Three to four teams rotate Sundays. Each team is headed by an adult proclaimer and has 2-3 youth assistants. All necessary materials are provided.

Rewards:  An opportunity for younger children to hear, understand and talk about the meaning and application of the Sunday Gospel Reading at their level.

As a ministry of hospitality, greeters welcome people as they arrive for Mass, with an emphasis on making the “newcomer” comfortable as they enter our worship spaces.  This ministry is open to singles, friends, or an entire family.

Commitment:  20 minutes once a month before Mass.

Rewards:  Help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere before Mass begins and to provide an essential service to our parish.

Men, women and young adults who are confirmed and proclaim the Scripture readings at Mass.  The essence of the role of the reader is to draw faith from the listeners, the people of God.  “It is a sharing in the preaching, teaching and leading aspects of the Church," declared Bishop Kenneth Untener.

Commitment:  Readers will proclaim the Scripture at daily and Sunday Masses.

Rewards:  The readers deepen their realization and faith that Christ is in the Word, that Christ is the Word proclaimed to those who hear and whose faith is confirmed in the hearing.

Sanctuary Ministry
The mission of the Sanctuary Ministry is to provide the necessary linens for each Mass, change altar cloths seasonally, refill altar candles, order and arrange flowers and plants and replace water in holy water fonts.

Commitment:  Flexible.

Rewards:  There is great satisfaction in preparing God’s sanctuary for each Mass, knowing we are serving God in this small way.

Ushers make sure the church is prepared for Mass, greet parishioners as they enter the church with the greeters, collect the offering, arrange the offertory procession, distribute bulletins, seat people when necessary and attend to needs during Mass when necessary.

Commitment:  Saturday or Sunday Mass each week.

Rewards:  Being an active member of the parish, making people welcome and getting to know people individually.

Altar Servers
Dedicated and responsible girls and boys in grades 4 through high school who assist the priest and deacon at weekend Masses and on Holy Days.

Commitment:  One to three times per month.

Rewards:  Becoming actively involved in the parish and helping celebrate the Mass.

Church Choir
The choir’s call is fundamentally musical, carried out through the music of the community of faith in worship.  Music is a gift which bears the church’s praise, prayer, story, and proclamation around work, sacraments and prayer.  The center of the choir’s task is the people’s song—leading the people in their song.

Commitment: Rehearsal 7:00-8:30 p.m. every Thursday in the Seidel Hall. Sometimes more rehearsals are required, especially for Holy Week. The choir assembles each Sunday in the choir loft at 9:30 a.m. before the 10:00 a.m. Mass.  The choir also sings for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, and Easter Sunday.  This ministry does not meet in the summer.

Rewards:  Involvement in the choir fosters camaraderie of the faithful musicians in the parish.  Scripture awareness is heightened through song and this gives satisfaction that we have helped to engage the community in a deeper faith experience.