Response to Christ’s Inner Awakening and RCIA
RCIA, or the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is the process through which adults learn about the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church and become members of the Church, eligible to receive the sacraments. As Jesus is the gateway to eternal life, RCIA is the gateway to the Catholic Church.

RCIA is a journey that begins with a feeling or a sense of being drawn to learn more about the Catholic Church. It is a powerful witness to the fact that each one of us is uniquely created by God, individually loved by God, and specifically called by God. And each person has a unique story of how this feeling was initiated:

  • A child raised by one parent who wonders if the other non-Catholic parent would go to heaven
  • A mother witnesses the changes in her son after he goes through RCIA and feels called to do the same
  • A father living with a wife and children who are all Catholic, wishing to be a part of that faith
  • A man searching for a sense of “belonging”
  • A woman who, after the loss of her husband, attends Mass and feels drawn to become a full member

What a beautiful gift each of these people bestows on us as we witness their faithfulness to God’s call in their lives!

Any adult who wants to become a member of the Catholic Church, whether you are an unbaptized person, a person baptized in another Christian denomination, or a baptized Catholic who never received the other sacraments can participate in the RCIA program.

Length of Program, Materials and Presenters
The length of the program depends upon the readiness of those in the process.  We prepare by sharing our thoughts and reflections on the readings and homily we heard at Sunday Mass.  We also learn about some aspect of the Catholic faith. The meetings usually last 1 1/2 hours.  We meet at the parish office.  We try to adjust our schedule to the needs of those who are participating. Recently we found Sunday mornings and early afternoon to be the most convenient, but we can accommodate our meeting times.


If interested call the Parish Office at 203-263-2008.