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Beijing going after Chinese users who follow dissidents abroad on social media

Chinese influencers are asking followers to be careful after the leaked information from a hacking firm with ties to Chinese authorities was released. Teacher Li, who documented the anti-lockdown protests on Twitter, saw the number of their followers drop from 1.6 million to 1.4 million. The data leak also shows the breadth of China's cyber activities, including against foreign governments.

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US politicians wary of endorsing IVF decision by Alabama court

In Alabama, three bills to protect IVF moved out of committee in both the state House and Senate. They would provide civil and criminal immunity to IVF providers as long as they followed commonly accepted standards of care.

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Pope tells Argentinian judges to let Jesus guide efforts to protect rights

Warning against profound injustices existent in our times, Pope Francis sends video message to the Pan-American Committee of Judges for Social Rights and Franciscan Doctrine in Argentina, and encourages them in their work to protect the rights of the vulnerable and suffering.

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Slavery in the tea plantations of Sri Lanka

When you sip tea, remember what goes into its production: stories of slavery affecting entire families.

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Nicaragua’s government continues crackdown

Ten foundations, religious associations, universities and NGOs are the latest entities to be banned by Nicaragua’s government.

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Save the Children: 'Urgent action needed to avert famine in Gaza'

The desperate humanitarian crisis in Gaza requires a massive and immediate response according to the humanitarian organization Save the Children, which is calling for an end to restrictions that are hampering the delivery of emergency aid. An estimated 12,500 children have died since the start of the conflict on 7 October 2023.

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Pope Francis visits Rome hospital for diagnostic tests

Following the weekly General Audience, Pope Francis, who has been suffering from mild flu symptoms in the past days, visits Rome’s Gemelli Hospital on the Tiber Island for some diagnostic tests.

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Pope decries use of landmines 'which continue to target civilians and children'

Marking the upcoming anniversary of the Ottawa Mine Ban Treaty Pope Francis expresses sympathy for the victims of anti-personnel mines “that continue to target civilians years after hostilities end”, and he gives thanks to those who work in demining.

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Rome: Jesuit archives on the Holocaust to be digitalized

The Archive of the House of the Superior General of the Society of Jesus signs an agreement with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to digitize archival material related to the Holocaust.

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Meeting with Armenian bishops, Pope Francis prays for peace

“How many conflicts and massacres have we witnessed, always tragic and always pointless?” the Pope asks. “Let us all take up the cry for peace."

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