First Reconciliation

Successful completion of grades 1 & 2 is necessary for entrance into Sacrament Preparation in Grade 3. The children begin preparing to celebrate this sacrament at the start of Grade 3 Religious Education classes. Their First Reconciliation is in December. Parents are expected to assist in the sacramental preparation of their children and to attend the Parent Orientations/Workshop and other Liturgical Celebrations that can be found on the Religious Education Schedule.

The initiation of children into the sacramental life is for the most part the responsibility and concern of Christian parents. They are to form and gradually increase a spirit of faith in the children and, with the help of catechetical institutions, prepare them for the fruitful reception of the sacraments.

Where the faith of the parents is manifestly weak, the sacrament preparation for their children provides a teachable moment for spiritual renewal. However, the event should be viewed as an occasion for affirmation and hope, not challenge and confrontation.

Class Times

Grade 3 Religious Education classes will meet at a date and time to announced in a MEET classroom.

Class Attendance

Perfect attendance in the process is expected. Children must also attend workshops and any special programs and liturgical celebrations, all of which are on your calendar. If there is a family emergency and your child is not able to attend class, please call the office at 203.263.2008.

Attendance at Liturgy

Since the family of God gathers together as a parish community at the weekly liturgy, children are expected to attend weekly liturgy. Be sure to greet Father Jim as you leave Mass each week.

Class Materials

Each student will be given a textbook which must be available at MEET classes.