The Roman Catholic communities in Bethlehem and Woodbury were established as missions of Saint John the Evangelist in Watertown. After more than a century of living separate histories, these two faith communities have come together becoming Prince of Peace Parish to build a common future together as one people with two churches. It is Christ who is our peace, and who makes the two communities one by breaking down the barrier of differences that kept us apart. (cf. Eph. 2:13-16)

Prince of Peace


Lord God, as the election approaches, we seek to better understand
the issues and concerns that confront our towns/state/country, 
and how the Gospel compels us to respond
as faithful citizens in our community.
We ask for eyes that are free from blindness 
so that we might see each other as brothers and sisters,
one and equal in dignity, especially those who are victims
of abuse and violence, deceit and poverty.
We ask for ears that will hear the cries of children unborn
and those abandoned, men and women oppressed
because of race or  creed, religion or gender.
We ask for minds and hearts that are open to hearing
the voice of leaders who will bring us closer to your Kingdom.
We pray for discernment so that we may choose leaders
who hear your Word,  live your love, and keep in the ways of your truth
as they follow in the steps of Jesus and his  Apostles
and guide us to your Kingdom of justice and peace.
We ask this in the name of your Son Jesus Christ
and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Mass Times

Sat. 3:00 p.m. Saint Teresa of Avila

Saturday Vigil 4:00 p.m. Saint Teresa of Avila

Sunday 8:00 a.m. Church of the Nativity
10:00 a.m. Saint Teresa of Avila
11:30 a.m. Saint Teresa of Avila

Weekday Masses 8:15 a.m.
Monday & Tuesday Saint Teresa of Avila
Thursday & Friday Church of the Nativity

Church of the Nativity
48 East Street (Route 132)
Bethlehem, CT 06751

Saint Teresa of Avila Church
146 Main Street South (Route 6)
Woodbury, CT 06798

Weekday Masses are cancelled when Region 14 delays or cancels classes during the winter months.

The Mass intention for any cancelled Mass will be moved to the next available Mass.

Office Hours

9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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Safe Environment

The USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People mandates every employee and volunteer in our parish participate in the Virtus Protecting God's Children for Adults and completes a Background Check prior to beginning their work in ministry. Every student in our Religious Education Program must attend a Child Lures Program during classes once a year.


I have decided that the proper care of souls requires the merger of Saint Teresa of Avila Parish and Nativity Parish and the creation of a new juridic entity named, Prince of Peace Parish.” … “The rich legacies and histories of Saint Teresa of Avila Parish and Nativity Parish will be promoted and honored at Prince of Peace Parish with two church buildings: Saint Teresa of Avila Church and the Nativity Church.”      -- Decree by Archbishop Leonard P. Blair

Read the entire decree by Archbishop Blair.